Selling Availability & Security Solutions

Enterprise technology suppliers often stress system availability and security as part of their value propositions. This applies to the marketing of their core products, as well as value-added services such as managed-service offerings. This trend is in part a response to customer demands for better performance in this area. But it can also be a response to pricing pressure. Technology suppliers face:

  • Perceived feature parity in other aspects of their offerings
  • Increased role of professional purchasing departments
  • Increased scrutiny of maintenance, support and service fees.

Differentiating based on availability and security can be an effective response, but problems often arise when customers ask to see a business case. What is the value of reduced downtime? How does it vary across customers? How do you effectively communicate this value to key decision-makers?



Kotler research quantifies the impact of downtime on SMBs

Managed Services ROI Sales Tool Developed for CompTIA


“Kotler's business case methodology, formulated by a real understanding of the way customers view investment decisions, provides valuable insight on this critical subject.”           
                    - Sales Executive, 
                       British Telecom


Kotler Marketing has conducted extensive research on these issues. We have surveyed thousands of technology buyers
and end-users, and hundreds of vendors. We make this knowledge and experience available to clients in two ways:

  • As a special module in our “Defending Price” training series; focusing on the value of availability and security
    for specific customer industry segments.

  • As part of a holistic training and consulting solution, developed in partnership with the SSPA, focused
    specifically on Defending Support and Maintenance Pricing.

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